Welcome to the Joint Base San Antonio Hunting Program

NEW Updates: 9 Aug 2017


Due to the incorporation of significant changes to the JBSA hunting program, hunting and lottery tickets sales will be pushed back.

Hunter registration and permit payment will still be through the iSportsman system; however, check-in and check-out will no longer be through the iSportsman system. Users will be required to check-in and check-out at the Camp Bullis Rod-N-Gun Recreational Center (RNGRC), Bldg 6215. Annual data sheets must be filled out with RNGRC each year before going in to the field to validate contact information, hunting licenses, hunter education, firearm registration, etc. This will be mandatory before hunters can check into the field each year.

No rifle stands will be available for white-tailed deer (WTD) harvest for the 2017-2018 season due to safety concerns. Several thousand acres of land have been cleared in the last 7 years. The clearing along with stands being moved and/or reoriented have led to a potentially hazardous hunting situation. The location and condition of the stands will be assessed and corrected as resources allow. For the 2017-2018 season the “gun” areas will be open for general permit hunters for compartment style hunting as mission allows. Compartment hunting areas will be limited to limited distance weapons (archery and shotgun), compartment areas will be open for the harvest of any in season game (except WTD) and exotic species. All WTD hunting MUST be undertaken from a designated archery stand location, by a WTD permit holder.

The number of WTD stands in the archery areas will also be less than in previous years. Several archery stands have been removed due to safety concerns also due to clearing and reassessment of those stand locations. The number of stands (and quotas) will be published after surveys have been accomplished and data has been analyzed. Any designated archery areas (training areas) that cannot support WTD harvest will be opened for general permit hunters for compartment style hunting as mission allows (see description of compartment hunting in previous paragraph).

Permit prices will change for the 2017-2018 season to:

$50 Annual General Permit (includes all in season game except WTD)

$50 WTD Permit (only permit that entitles hunter to take a WTD, must win lottery)

$10 WTD Lottery Tickets

$10 Annual Scouting Permit

Scouting is included with the General and WTD Permits.


Tentative dates (subject to change) for hunting/lottery:

15 Sep: WTD lottery tickets will be available for purchase

16 Sep: Opening weekend General Permit

30 Sep: WTD lottery drawing 30 Sep at 0900

6 Oct: WTD hunting (archery only)

The 2017-2018 JBSA Hunting Regulations will be posted on this site under the hunting tab as soon as they are finalized and reviewed by JA.


Joint Base San Antonio iSportsman (www.jbsa.isportsman.net)  will handle administrative and financial transactions for the JBSA-Camp Bullis hunting program.  This site will provide an online automated white-tailed deer stand lottery system, conduct the sale of all hunting/scouting permits, and provide an informative website to better keep hunters up to date with specific information related to the program on JBSA-Camp Bullis.

Click the Hunting Tab (above) to see the 2016-2017 JBSA-Camp Bullis Hunting Rules and the 21-Day Availability for hunting and scouting.

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For questions regarding the JBSA iSportsman system, please call the Natural Resources Office at 210-296-0079.