Welcome to the Joint Base San Antonio Hunting Program

NEW Updates:

The JBSA hunting program is currently under going major revisions for the 2017-2018 hunting seasons. After these revisions have been made and vetted through all parties the Hunting Regulations will be posted under the hunting tab above. NO lottery tickets or permits will be available until the regs have been finalized and posted on this website. Please check this page in the future as it will be updated with more current information regarding the upcomming hunting seasons.

Joint Base San Antonio iSportsman (www.jbsa.isportsman.net)  will handle administrative and financial transactions for the JBSA-Camp Bullis hunting program.  This site will provide an online automated white-tailed deer stand lottery system, conduct the sale of all hunting/scouting permits, and provide an informative and interactive kiosk and website to better keep hunters up to date with specific information related to the program on JBSA-Camp Bullis.

  • Checking into areas may be done online through a smartphone, PC or the kiosk located at the Natural Resources Office, Building 6201 click here for a map or by calling the telephony system at 1.855.233.8882.  Individuals must check-out from the kiosk located at Bldg 6201.

  • Game Check-In is located at the Natural Resources Office, Bldg 6201.

  • Hunting Check In (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) begins at 0530 (unless otherwise specified in the 21 Day link on the Hunting tab). This time does not apply to legal shooting hours. See Texas Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Annual Hunting and Fishing Regulations for specific timeframes.

  • Dove hunting (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) begins 30 minutes before sunrise and ends at sunset, you must be checked out by 30 minutes after official sunset. Deer hunting Check Out by 90 minutes after offical sunset.

  • Scouting Schedule is Thursday-Monday (0800-1500).  See Area Status or 21 Day Area Availability for specific areas.

Click the Hunting Tab (above) to see the 2015-2016 JBSA-Camp Bullis Hunting Rules and the 21-Day Availability for hunting and scouting.

To login please click "My Account" or register to create a User Account & ID.

Please click "Update Registration" from "My Account" to create a PIN for use of the telephony system (see number below).

For questions regarding the JBSA iSportsman system, please call the Natural Resources Office at 210-296-0079.